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Главная » 2008 » Январь » 15 » Сжигание Кадомацу, 15 января. Церимония Дондо どんど.
Сжигание Кадомацу, 15 января. Церимония Дондо どんど.

Hiroshima. Фестиваль "dead TON".
Костер 15ой метровой высоты и 13и метров в диаметре зажгли в Хиросиме в фестиваль dead TON. Участвовало 600 местных жителей. Украшенный рисовыми веревками костер - символ счастья и удачи, здоровья Нового Года.

Во многих храмах Японии прошли церимонии сжигания Кадомацу - Дондо どんど.

Garbage is out, what kind of resistance… disposal? TAKIAGE your New Year decorations are reused, but also the mainstream tradition反せず

January 15, 2008

Welcome to the heart of the 15th Lunar New Year. Kadomatsu New Year ornaments and decoration of straw rope, and many homes will be removed. They greeted the new year with ornaments, how do you dispose of it? (Kumiko Suzuki)

Torigoe Shrine in Tokyo's Taito Ward. Edo period following the "dead TON burn" event is the first Lunar New Year from Fridayひと足, held. Have their best wishes, clean-borne Tomioしめ縄fire New Year's decorations will be covered. Vite flame burned dyed red-cheeked children, a cake baked.

"TAKIAGE to you, you return to God," said Takashi Kaburagi麿(HIROMARO) chief priest explained.

New Year decorations, the new year brings good fortune, "age (and) God" come down and get it from as decorated. At the end of cleaning and preparing for the traditional New Year's day, God also get to eat dishes, Halle together to celebrate the day of practice. Kadomatsu Muromachi era is already there.

"Pine and bamboo is a symbol of vitality, freshly harvested rice straw is the use of straw. Pure fresh materials in old God" and the National Museum of History and Folklore Naoki Araya (Nori Taka) professor said. Feel the life force of nature event.

TAKIAGE burn your New Year decorations, mainly Lunar New Year held across the country. "DONDO baked" "左義長(by GICHOU)" is not such as to call you, in addition to the shrine, and other guardians for the community and local residents, town council and other events do. If Torigoe Shrine "precious" to burn it, I also became the name being called.五穀豊穣sericulture (Fengcheng) and the prosperity of the zodiac吉凶and pay… illness and disaster, and many also wish tie.

Nearby, conveniently DONDO not be burnt, the punishment is a problem. "Recently, many people throw away as trash." Ornament makers and New Year, "an ornamental (Shashi KAZARI)" (Yokohama) officials said.引き取っme because there is a shrine near his home and ask them shrine in hand.

Cosmetic manufacturers Nagoya New Year "workshop flowers" Tokiko Ishiguro's president, "rather than custom interiors as needs," he said, people's feelings have changed.

Old and decorative materials have changed, such as wire or plastic material is not easily used for open burning. Torigoe Shrine in the three-day fractionation in the unburnable thing is for purity (KIYO) on the project as a waste disposal site to carry.

As a garbage disposal to have a sense of resistance is also true. Reuse Conversely, every year is the same whether using ornaments. Torigoe Shrine TON ware came to the corner of the ward office Yumiko Tada said, "elementary-school children, ornaments made of rice straw. Kind, using every year," he said.

"左義長Ooiso's" Folk is the nation's intangible cultural property that is specified in the town's Kanagawa Prefecture Ooiso town Kazuhiro Sagawa local museum curator said, "not necessarily from the Edo period, and burn them in a sense that all was not" interesting and pointed out. "Seedling is still thrive, as a rice-planting season until New Year decorations at the entrance飾っback from the rice straw in the region is also expected to seedling in a bun. Fire awning bills, the accumulated beam house to house attic Despite "

Tani Shin said, "is that change shape possible". 1,970 car owner, when it was increased when a temporary car on the decoration of straw rope is HAYATTA. If you are in your little one, as the former is their impurities sink to brush chick, kinda like a doll as a garnish.

"Ornaments dumped too good, if I can annually offends God and in a good mood. Tradition may remain as"
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