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2009.05 Kobayashi Yuka at the 45th Annual Ikebana Exhibition Kuala Lumpur

Ikebana Demonstration By Sensei Kobayashi Yuka

Sensei Kobayashi Yuka is from the Sogetsu School in Japan. She has done an ikebana demonstration for us at the 45th Annual Ikebana Exhibition Kuala Lumpur Chapter 72.

She showed us 6 ikebana arrangements, where the materials where collected all over the city on the day she arrived in Kuala Lumpur.

Here is Sensei Koyabashi and her helper demonstrating her first piece.

She was mentioning how the Lotus leaves can become withered and dried up in a short time.

To have them looking fresh in a short time, she used a special tool to insert water directly into the Lotus stem. But unfortunately, the leaves took a while for the effect to be seen.

Here is the arrangement.

She also mentioned that the Lotus, had a symbol of Heaven. So, to emphasize that, she also added the long and tall cattails into the arrangement to 'reach the sky'.

The second arrangement is a low arrangement, using Wooly Bush, peach and cream roses and also some asparagus ferns. The special thing about this arrangement is the container.

There are three round containers involved in this arrangement. However, a kenzan does not fit inside the container.

What the demonstrator did to make the branches stand was to use 3 branches of Wooly Bush, make them dependent upon one other and they were able to stand on their own.

The next arrangement is a bright arrangement of sunflowers in a matching yellow glass container. Sensei Kobayashi tried to create a mass style by bundling up the sunflowers, making sure that they are at a different height.

Then, using the cattail leaves again but this time in an interesting way, she tied the ends of two leaves randomly. Pretty interesting, isn't it?

The next one is tall nageire arrangement using yellow heliconias with its leaves.

This next one is also using heliconias, but the red hanging type. Since the container is quite wide and the heliconias are quite heavy, sensei uses an armature of black wire to support the heliconias.

Here, you can see that she places the wire structure inside the container.

So, the heliconias will be inserted onto a kenzan and will depend the wire structure for support. To cover the wire structure, sensei uses red anthuriums and big philodendron leaves.

The last piece demonstrated by Sensei Kobayashi was a simple one, just to show the beautiful lines of the material in its natural state.

The leaves are calathea leaves and the yellow flowers are orchids.

Источник: http://www.flower-arrangement-advisor.com/ikebana-demonstration-2.html
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