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Arrangement of life's first female comic duo Saki Sakura Inagaki





Arrangement of life's first female comic duo Saki Sakura Inagaki
Saki Sakura Inagaki received acclaim for his first arrangement

Inagaki Saki Sakura 12 women comic duo disbanded in January (25) is 1, the challenge Iemoto Ikenobo Ikebana flower arrangement in the city of Kyoto.

15 national championships to be held on high school Ikebana "flower Koshien 2009" to serve as special judges, the classic "Neon Genesis Evangelion" to change from Cosplay Asuka in Kimono. It was the first arrangement of life, from the coaching staff "is unique, compliment," received a high rating. Inagaki, "Right now we live in a studio room, one day live in a large house that is nice in this flower," and had an ambition to draw.

(November 2, 2009 Sports Hochi 11:31 minutes)

"Eva entertainer" Saki Sakura Inagaki, Ikebana first experience "with a high rate of synchronous crazy!"


"Neon comic" Saki is a popular comedy duo cherry Inagaki 1, Ward, Kyoto City "Hall Ikenobo" Nawo's experience in the school of Ikebana flower arrangement in Iemoto Ikenobo.

What was his first Saki Sakura Inagaki Ikebana

Niatari to graduate this year, the cherry blossoms in full Masuda Noriko's antagonist, Inagaki from next spring to start a career as a lead entertainer. Popular anime "Neon Genesis Evangelion" character of the neta Sohryu party piece to show off stays in Asuka Langley "Neon desultory conversation" in addition to the basics of flower arranging was挑Mubeku to broaden the scope of art breaks new ground.

Inagaki was transformed into a graceful kimono costume Cosplay Asuka from the familiar "is the first time in at all," to the dojo in面Mochi and tension. Also be hard at first, but saw the face, the Committee's Kiya Makiko Ikenobo teach flower arrangement "out of the box" and get the word, "I like making things with clay or painting originally," the artist explosive temperament? occasionally but were prepared to place a flower material "Yeah Yeah"頷Ki with satisfaction and work was now involved in the making.

Ikebana Inagaki finished the first experience is "very" sync rate "is high Naremashita crazy" Eva terms sprinkled with feedback. From Mr. Kitani "very compliment. In an interesting idea, people who are arranged like this is not how much," his first novel was highly praised for its originality, the stalks from the fruit of a mustard Gerbera込Ndatou Gisshiri down and arranged that Innovation in risk from one individual but extended to include Turkey balloon flower, so the "love" and that the theme生Keta. "Species that have seen many pretty faces like men (= fruit of capsicum) is that I sowed lots of competitors (= Gerbera) is the last but I'm full of (= Campanulaceae Turkey) is happy to win end.実Rimasu of love, "explained the story Inagaki and I put in the work," The images come from three Hutagoyama Nyokinyoki building and growing many of the city of New Tokyo "and" Eva and "also accompanied by commentary laugh.

"Daughter Eva," his first arrangement Inagaki Saki!
Inagaki Saki tried first Kyoto Ikebana = Hall Ikenobo
Inagaki Saki tried first Kyoto Ikebana = Hall Ikenobo

Female comedy duo "cherry" in charge of Blur's "evangelion comic chat" excel at Saki Inagaki (25) is 1, Hall's first challenge to the Kyoto arrangement in Ikenobo.

15th National Convention of Ikebana flower arrangement in high school will be held by Ikenobo Iemoto first day sympatric "Ikenobo flower Koshien 2009" will be on the jury's special, first try to deepen the understanding of flower arrangement.

But I usually dress in the motif of Asuka Langley evangelion anime characters, this day appeared in modest clothes. "And flowers begin to concentrate on just doing, it was fun in the world入Ri込Meru. It was the first experience, and arrangement" sync rate "is very high," while utilizing the characters and the beaming smile showed.

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